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  • MGR: In the future I need to be more careful when I flatten a class hierarchy. I broke the ability to get the latest project configuration from account managers. Fix that.
  • MGR: Fix build issue on Linux (Sqlite3 needed to be added to the list of libs and header directories to be included)
  • MGR: Remove copyright claims to wxWidgets code.
  • client: check whether anonymous-app files exist
  • client: parse (and ignore) <anonymous_platform> element in state file
  • MGR: Remove unused WXDLL* declarations to improve Linux compatibility.
  • MGR: Set the email text box validator to a simple text validator when the project in question only supports usernames.
  • client: Only error out of the CPU version check if the call to CPUID(0) returns zero.
  • MGR: Try and clean up all the undefined reference errors for the GCC linker
  • MGR: Finish implementing the use of Usernames in the account manager part of the wizard. I must have been asleep at the wheel on that one.
  • scheduler: change the "primary_platform_only" config option to "prefer_primary_platform". If an app has only only 32-bit versions, use the for 64-bit clients.
  • client: maintain "gpu_active_frac" in addition to "active_frac" (which really means CPU active)
  • MGR: Further refinements to Client shutdown logic on Manager Exit: Old: Manager shut down Client only if it started the Client. New: Don't show exit dialog if connected Client is not on localhost. Mac: Manager shuts down Client only if it started the Client and if the Client is on localhost. Windows, Linux: Manager shuts down Client, whether or not the Manager started the Client, but only if the Client is on localhost and the user requests Client shutdown in the exit dialog, even if running as a service on Windows. As before, it skips the exit dialog and uses the saved behavior if the user previously set "Remember this decision and do not show this dialog."
  • MGR: On Mac only, Close Window menu item (or its shortcut Command-w) closes the Event Log if it is the front window.
  • client: treat notices from schedulers a little differently. Ignore duplicate notices unless they're at least 24 hours newer than the previous one.
  • client: ignore case in names of "exclusive apps" and exclusive GPU apps
  • client: fix bug that caused GPU apps to not be suspended or resumed immediately after exclusive GPU app transition
  • client: in log message, instead of saying "fetching tasks for GPU", say which kind of GPU TODO: GPU suspend/resume works by setting or clearing gpu_suspend_reason, then calling request_schedule_cpus(). There's no explicit suspending or resuming. CPU suspend/resume should work the same way.
  • client: back out changeset [21086], which cleaned out project dir on reset. The semantics of reset are to not delete sticky files.
  • client: fix "boinc_temporary_exit()" support. This is critical for GPU support.
  • client: fix problems with exclusive_gpu_app feature.
  • MGR: Properly display which components have trouble loading when a skin is defined.
  • MGR: A new new skin which will become the new default skin.