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|Project=Sierpinski Riesel Base 5
|Project=Sierpinski Riesel Base 5
|Status=[http://www.primegrid.com/stats_sr5_llr.php 32k/69k left]
|Status=[http://www.primegrid.com/stats_sr5_llr.php 31k/69k left]

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Project Digits Status Info

321 Prime Search 3,726,651
Cullen prime search 4,333,371
Extended Sierpinski Project 2,783,749 10k left
GFN Prime Search short 243,639-9,705,835
GFN Prime Search WR 20,080,481
Prime Sierpinski Project 5,575,174 7k left
Sierpinski Problem ESP/PSP/SoB Sieve ESP Sieve
Proth Prime Search 706,587
Proth Prime Search Extended 423,724 no checkpoints
Proth Mega Prime Search 1,033,483
Proth Prime Search Sieve
Seventeen or Bust 8,906,894 5k left
Sierpinski Riesel Base 5 1,545,742 31k/69k left
Sophie Germain Prime Search 388,342 n=1.290.000 no checkpoints
The Riesel Problem 2,409,450 49k left
The Riesel Problem Sieve
Woodall prime search 4,529,028