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Erde.png UCT : malariacontrol.net
Start 2008
End ?
Status finished
Admin christopher
Institution Africa@Home
Country International
Area Biomedical
Info.png Apps
Win.png Win malariacontrol 5.57
Linux2.png Linux malariacontrol 5.57
Macos.gif Mac
Amd64.jpg 64bit malariacontrol 5.57
Ps3.png PS3
Ati.jpg ATI
Cuda.jpg CUDA
Intel.jpg Intel
Android.png Android No.gif
Raspberri Pi.png RPi No.gif
Nci.jpg NCI No.gif
Specs.png System-Specs
VRAM SP No.gif DP No.gif
Runtime 20-40min
HDD 10.5MB
Traffic dl/ul
Deadline 5 days
Checkpoints Yes.gif