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PRIMABOINCA is a research project that uses Internet-connected computers to search for a counterexample to some conjectures.

This project concerns itself with two hypotheses in number theory. Both are conjectures for the identification of prime numbers. The first conjecture (Agrawal’s Conjecture) was the basis for the formulation of the first deterministic prime test algorithm in polynomial time (AKS algorithm). Hendrik Lenstras and Carl Pomerances heuristic for this conjecture suggests that there must be an infinite number of counterexamples. So far, however, no counterexamples are known. This hypothesis was tested for n < 10^10 without having found a counterexample. The second conjecture (Popovych’s conjecture) adds a further condition to Agrawals conjecture and therefore logically strengthens the conjecture. If this hypothesis would be correct, the time of a deterministic prime test could be reduced from O(log N)^6 (currently most efficient version of the AKS algorithm) to O(log N)^3.

Erde.png primaboinca
Start 2010
End May 2020
Status finished
Admin Fabio Campos
Institution Hochschule Rhein-Main
Country Germany
Area Mathematics
Info.png Apps
Win.png Win primaboinca 7.05
Linux2.png Linux primaboinca 7.06
Macos.gif Mac primaboinca 7.05
Amd64.jpg 64bit
Ps3.png PS3
Ati.jpg ATI
Cuda.jpg CUDA
Intel.jpg Intel
Android.png Android No.gif
Raspberri Pi.png RPi No.gif
Nci.jpg NCI No.gif
Specs.png System-Specs
VRAM SP No.gif DP No.gif
Runtime 1:10h
Traffic dl/ul kb / kb
Deadline 7 days
Checkpoints Yes.gif