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Plagiarism at home uses distributed computers to search given text for potential plagiarism in Internet resources. Many people writing their work tend to "forget" the resources they used to create their work. This is especially important in scientific works. If anyone uses someone else's work as their own it is called plagiarism. Whenever some one else's work is used it should be noted and credit given to the author. For the people judging the work it is extremely hard to know all possible resources and text on the subject. It is nearly impossible to catch all potential plagiarism in the paper. This project aims to help them. Given the text, the project will provide a network of volunteer computers to search the Internet for similar texts or parts of the text. This will help to find potential resources that the author failed to mention in his work. It will help also the authors of the original works to get the credit they should have for their original work.
Erde.png Plagiarism@Home
Start 2013
End August 2014
Status paused
Admin Krzysztof Piszczek
Institution Poland BOINC Foundation
Country Poland
Area Grid/Informatic
Info.png Apps
Win.png Win Web checker 0.37
Linux2.png Linux
Macos.gif Mac
Amd64.jpg 64bit Web checker 0.30 [linux]
Ps3.png PS3
Ati.jpg ATI
Cuda.jpg CUDA
Intel.jpg Intel
Android.png Android No.gif
Raspberri Pi.png RPi No.gif
Nci.jpg NCI Yes.gif
Specs.png System-Specs
VRAM SP No.gif DP No.gif
Runtime 6min-1h
Traffic dl/ul kb / kb
Deadline 7 days
Checkpoints No.gif