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DENIS (Distributed computing. Electrophysiological models. Networking collaboration. In silico research. Sharing knowledge) is a research project in cardiac electrophysiology. The electro physiology research is to generate the information using virtual models of cardiac cells.

This simulations are used by the scientist to search biomarkers, but that part is out of the scope of this project. Our work is to create a tool for scientist to generate valid simulation of cells. Now, we are using just one model, but in the future we will generate simulation of various cell models and scientist will be able to generate simulations to aid their research.

The source code of the application is available at GitHub.



Erde.png DENIS@Home
Start April 2015
Status Alpha
Admin jcastro, Chus Carro
Institution San Jorge University
Country Zaragoza, Spain
Info.png Apps
Win.png Win
Linux2.png Linux
Macos.gif Mac
Amd64.jpg 64bit Beta of DENIS Myocyte 0.07 [win/linux/mac]
New human ventricular cell model 0.01 [win/linux/mac]
Human ventricular cell models optimization 0.01 [win/linux/mac]
Ps3.png PS3
Ati.jpg ATI
Cuda.jpg CUDA
Intel.jpg Intel
Android.png Android No.gif
Raspberri Pi.png RPi No.gif
Nci.jpg NCI No.gif
Specs.png System-Specs
VRAM SP No.gif DP No.gif
Runtime 13min
Traffic dl/ul 1kb / 313kb
Deadline 5 days
Checkpoints X.gif