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An easy and fast overview of all needed informations about a model in calculation.

  • reached trickles
  • earned credits
  • timesteps current trickle
  •  % current trickle
  • timesteps until trickle
  • time until trickle
  • timesteps until checkpoint
  • time until checkpoint
  • time until WU finished
  • current phase
  • time until phase end
  • total time of model


Win7 left, XP right

BOINCcalculator1.png BOINCcalculator2.png


System Requirements

  • Windows OS, tested on win7 64bit, win x64, XP 32bit


BOINCcalculator 0.5.7

  • Weather At Home 2 (wah2) model datas changed
  • UK Met Office HadAM4 at N216 resolution model added
  • Beta section removed

BOINCcalculator 0.5.6

  • credits changed in HadRM3P model with MOSES II and TRIFFID Africa
  • Weather At Home 2 (wah2) model added

BOINCcalculator 0.5.5

  • added missing datas of HadAM3P and HadRM3P model with MOSES II and TRIFFID East Asia, HadAM3P and HadRM3P model with MOSES II and TRIFFID Europe, credits still missing

BOINCcalculator 0.5.4

  • new model HadCM3 short added
  • all infos of HadAM3P-HadRM3P South Asia updated
  • removed finished models

BOINCcalculator 0.5.3

  • new models HadAM3P-HadRM3P South Asia, HadAM3P and HadRM3P model with MOSES II and TRIFFID East Asia, HadAM3P and HadRM3P model with MOSES II and TRIFFID Europe added but there are some missing datas
  • name changes and windows adjustments
  • removed finished models

BOINCcalculator 0.5.2

  • updated all infos of model HADAMP3P MOSES II

BOINCcalculator 0.5.1

  • credit corrections of models HADAM3P European Region, Pacific North West, Africa, South Africa, Australia New Zealand + credits rounded to 2 fractional digits for these models
  • MOSES II model is not informative yet due wrong trickle calculations so some infos are deactivated

BOINCcalculator 0.5.0

  • new model HADAM3P Africa added

BOINCcalculator 0.4.9

  • removed finished models
  • more infos of model HADAM3P MOSES II

BOINCcalculator 0.4.8

  • new model HADAM3P MOSES II added, datas only partly available yet
  • name corrections

BOINCcalculator 0.4.7

  • credits of HADAM3P Australia New Zealand model adjusted

BOINCcalculator 0.4.6

  • HADAM3P Australia New Zealand model added

BOINCcalculator 0.4.5

  • finished section removed
  • name corrections
  • SAP model removed -->finished

BOINCcalculator 0.4.4

  • HADCM3N coupled model 40 added

BOINCcalculator 0.4.3

  • credits added for HADCM3 coupled model 40

BOINCcalculator 0.4.2

  • HADCM3 coupled model 40 added

BOINCcalculator 0.4.1

  • Redesign, just because of the amount of models a new splitted menu is now available (CPDN, beta, finished). You can find new models from CPDN only under CPDN.

BOINCcalculator 0.4.0

  • credits adjusted of HADAM3P European Region beta, HADAM3P Pacific North West beta, HADAM3P Southern Africa beta models

BOINCcalculator 0.3.9

  • new models HADAM3P European Region beta, HADAM3P Pacific North West beta, HADAM3P Southern Africa beta added

BOINCcalculator 0.3.8

  • credits adjusted of FAMOUS model

BOINCcalculator 0.3.7

  • FAMOUS model now official, credits added for FAMOUS model

BOINCcalculator 0.3.6

  • FAMOUS model beta adjusted to 200 years test

BOINCcalculator 0.3.5

  • FAMOUS model beta adjusted to 10 years test

BOINCcalculator 0.3.4

  • new model FAMOUS beta added

BOINCcalculator 0.3.3

  • new model HADSM3P Slab Model beta added

BOINCcalculator 0.3.2

  • fixed credits + values of HADSM3 Slab Model, thx to mo.v!
  • fixed a missing display of "s/ts not entered" in HADSM3 Slab Model + HADSM Mid Holocene

BOINCcalculator 0.3.1

  • Main window always on top
  • credits updated from mo.v posting + correction (except HADSM3, still waiting for right values)

BOINCcalculator 0.3.0

  • new model HADRM3 160 beta added
  • small menu fix
  • its not possible anymore to run more than one instance of the program

BOINCcalculator 0.2.9

  • sorted model list
  • new models HADCM3L Pacific North West + HADCM3L Southern Africa (beta) added
  • fields with "Time until phase end" which are not needed showing now "not needed"
  • one small bugfix with an empty phase field

BOINCcalculator 0.2.8

  • "Total time of model" added (this is the real time to end a model, BOINC manager only displays estimated time)
  • Seconds per timestep input increased again to 50 (HADAM3 model can be slower than expected)

BOINCcalculator 0.2.7

  • fixed the "Time until phase end" value, small integer was used instead of long integer
  • Seconds per timestep input reduced to 20

BOINCcalculator 0.2.6

  • HADSM3 160 model added, BBC CCE too (same model)
  • HADCM3 additional timesteps added
  • HADAM3P additional timesteps added
  • "Current Phase" field added (only important for HADSM3 Mid-Holocene)
  • "Time until phase end" field added (you can calculate now how long its taking to reach a phase)
  • more friendly names added

BOINCcalculator 0.2.5

  • fixed a major bug in s/ts input box not accepting decimal comma if a user runs the operating system with english settings, thx to mo.v to pointed this out!
  • HADCM3 -80 model years corrected, it was the 160 model (coming in later version)
  • BBC CCE model removed
  • begin to add some user friendly model names
  • "Projects" renamed to "Model" in menu

BOINCcalculator 0.2.4

  • HADAM3P credits corrected
  • new model HADRM3 beta added

BOINCcalculator 0.2.3

  • changed credits and timesteps of HADAM3P model, there were some changes from beta.

BOINCcalculator 0.2.2

  • new model HADAM3P added

BOINCcalculator 0.2.1

  • border style changed, should be look better now, Icon added

BOINCcalculator 0.2.0

  • new models HADSM3 + HADSM3 Mid-Holocene added
  • several smaller bugfixes

BOINCcalculator 0.1.6

  • Timesteps-end value fixed

BOINCcalculator 0.1.4

  • Tab-order fixed
  • "Seconds per timestep" decreased from 99 to 50

BOINCcalculator 0.1.2

  • Started