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  • Example App (uppercase): Fix recursive header error in Mac Xcode project.
  • SCR: Fix Mac screensaver for building with libc++ and c++11
  • Mac: Modify build script to allow building using libc++ instead of default libstdc++ and / or using c++11 language dialect instead of default.
  • WCG: New feature 'cookieless installs'. See: http://boinc.berkeley.edu/trac/wiki/SimpleAttach#CookielessInstalls.
  • LIB: Fix build break.
  • Mac: Add project_init.cpp, project_init.h to Xcode project.
  • MGR: Fix for converting std::string to wxString for Mac and Linux.
  • MGR: Add missing commit from previous merge for the cookieless install scenario.
  • MGR: I'm not sure what I was thinking, but the attach wizard should always run if the client isn't attached to any projects.
  • locale: Update compiled localization files.