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  • client: on initial RPC to a project, don't request work if 0 resource share.
  • client: don't request work on initial RPC if "no new work" set.
  • client: don't show "not using proxy" message. Otherwise this gets shown each time user changes any "Other options" item.
  • client: check for new client version right after state file parse.
  • client: VirtualBox now installs VboxManage to /usr/local/bin. Make detection of VirtualBox work again.
  • MGR/client, Win: use LOCALE_USER_DEFAULT instead of NULL in locale call.
  • MGR: use Wx interfaces for getting number formatting chars.
  • client/MGR: code shuffle to generalize comma_print()
  • MGR: make localized number formating work on Windows.
  • MGR: show total credit as integer.
  • MGR: fix comma-separated display of >32 bit numbers VS apparently requires "long long" to get 64 bits. Also: convert various floats to double in the Manager. BOINC shouldn't use floats anywhere. Always use doubles.
  • SCR: Tweak mac screensaver for slightly better reliability.
  • client: Fix an issue which can sometimes cause client to take a long time to connect, especially on OS 10.10 Yosemite.