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  • MGR: after initial install with acct_mgr_url.xml file, if we automatically showed the Attach Wizard, hide the Manager only if branded for GridRepublic, Charity Engine or Progress Thru Processors.
  • lib: get RAM, CPU, etc. information about BOINC processes even if it is running as Charity Engine.
  • Mac installer: update AddRemoveUser command-line utility for compatibility with OS 10.5 - OS 10.9
    • eliminate obsolete LoginItemAPI code
  • Mac: delete obsolete LoginItemAPI code
  • Mac uninstaller: remove reference to obsolete LoginItemAPI.h
  • MGR: Fix save and restore of main window position on Mac
  • MGR: Still more improvements and simplification of Mac code for wxCocoa 3.0
  • MGR: If user moves SimpleView window, immediately save its new position to registry / config file
  • MGR: On Mac, clean up properly on logout or system shutdown to ensure preferences file is written
  • MGR: Another round of improvements and simplification of Mac code for wxCocoa 3.0
    • I found a better way to work around an issue with wxCocoa which prevented BOINC Manager from running if launched hidden when launched automatically on user login) than the one I implemented in commit 082aff7.
    • This change allowed me to again call the original wxApp::CallOnInit().
    • The original wxApp::CallOnInit() fixed the clean up on logout or system shutdown, ensuring preferences file is written, so I could remove my nasty hack in commit 0aefd62
  • MGR: Fix broken icon in Advanced Preferences "Exclusive Applications" tab
    • GetIcon(wxDefaultSize) for wxIconBundle objects uses wxSystemSettings::GetMetric(wxSYS_ICON_X) which is not supported on Mac
  • MGR: Enforce a 16x16 image for the advanced prefs tab control for all platforms. wxImageList is initialized for 16x16 and would probably throw an error for any other size.