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  • client & manager: Update icons for all client-side components. (v3b)
  • client & manager: Update icons for all client-side components. (v4)
  • MGR: Load missing icon sizes for High DPI systems on Windows
  • MGR: Remove older icon templates (v1, v2, v3).
  • client/scheduler: NVIDIA compute capability 5 GPUS have 128 cores, not 192. NVIDIA has no plans to provide an API that tells you how many cores; I've asked
  • client: when not piggybacking work request, explain why in log msg
  • client: message tweak
  • client: use user-friendly GPU names in log msgs
  • WINBUILD: Remove InstallShield's permission setting mechanism, rely on the SetPermissions custom actions instead
  • WINBUILD: Only create BOINC related user groups when installing as a service.
  • WINBUILD: Always reset the permissions on the BOINC Data directory.
  • Mac: Fix misplaced character In wxWidgets build script
  • Mac installer: fixes for Mac installer and uninstaller for BOINC 7.3 series on OS 10.5 through OS 10.9, also remove obsolete methods of removing and adding Login Items
  • MGR: Work around an issue with wxCocoa which prevented BOINC Manager from running if launched hidden (when launched automatically on user login)
  • MGR: Improvements to comments
  • WINBUILD: Remove the CreateBOINCGroups custom action from the non-service install path. Removes a required reboot on the very first time you install BOINC.
  • WINBUILD: Properly handle the 'All Users can control BOINC' installer flag. Fixes# 1025
  • WINBUILD: Fix old icon references, point to the new stuff
  • MGR: Further improvements and simplification of Mac code for wxCocoa 3.0
  • Mac installer: update an obsolete comment