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  • Mac: fixes to building and linking wxCocoa-3.0.0.
    • Ensure that Debug build of Manager uses Debug build of wxWidgets, and Release build of manager uses Release build of wxWidgets.
    • Ensure that wxWidgets is built to use UTF-8 encoding on Mac, to match Mac manager.
  • MGR: Commit new icon templates from Jacob Klein
  • boinccmd: add --client_version command; don't crash if missing command
  • Fix for building XP-compatible apps with VS2012, from Jon Sonntag
  • MGR: Possible fix for excess CPU usage when Manager window is closed / hidden. I think this is safe, but it needs testing to ensure it has no adverse side effects
  • VBOX: Provide status report log entries that show the min and max working set size on Windows
  • client & manager: Update icons for all client-side components
  • MGR: If the desired icon size is missing use the next higher or lower one that is available
  • client & manager: Update icons for all client-side components. (v2)
  • MGR: Fix how we pass the ISO language code to the CC. Using mb_str() can be problematic if you do not reuse the pointer right away, if the wxString is used in any other way between when you extract the pointer to the data and the data itself the reference is freed and the pointer can end up pointing to something else entirely.
  • Client: "Accept-Language", not "ACCEPT_LANGUAGE", in HTTP
  • re-enable accidentally disabled check for user activity on not-Android platforms.
  • Mac: In build script, Patch wxWidgets source files to fix crashes on OS 10.5 or 10.6 when built on OS 10.7 or later
  • VBOX: When parsing for a 32-bit exit code from VboxManage compare against std::string:npos instead of just checking for a non-null value