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  • Client: post a notice if user settings (project prefs, config file, and/or account manager settings) prevent this host from ever getting work from a project
  • Client: remove "can't get work" notices that don't apply anymore; make notice text translatable
  • client: fix security warning
  • Client: fix bugs in "can't get tasks" notice
  • VBOX: Fix a dump hypervisor log format issue
  • WINBUILD: Update vboxwrappers version to 26069
  • Client: fix job scheduling bug that could starve CPUs. Job scheduling has 2 phases:
    • make_run_list(): build a sorted list of runnable jobs
    • enforce_run_list() go through the list and run jobs

The run list in general contains more jobs than can actually be run. This is intentional. There are lots of reasons why enforce_run_list() might not be able to run a particular job, and we don't know these during make_run_list(). So we need to give enforce_run_list() a surplus of choices. The problem: make_run_list() was accounting RAM usage of jobs in the list, and stopping when this exceeded physical RAM. This led to a situation where we added a bunch of GPU jobs to the list -more than could actually be run -and this caused too few CPU jobs to be put in the list. Oddly, the comment at the start of cpu_sched.cpp said that RAM usage was ignored by make_run_list(); this was not the case. Anyway, I removed RAM accounting from make_run_list().

  • VBOX: VboxManage returns an exit code of 0 when a RPC_S_SERVER_UNAVAILABLE error occurs. Special case the error.
  • VBOX: Look for RPC_S_SERVER_UNAVAILABLE errors across all platforms.
  • VBOX: One additional fix for RPC_S_SERVER_UNAVAILABLE.
  • WINBUILD: Update vboxwrappers version to 26070.
  • Client: fix bug that caused spurious "Request CPU reschedule: RAM usage limit exceeded" Problem: we were ignoring the RAM usage of non-CPU-intensive jobs when scheduling jobs, but counting it when deciding whether a reschedule is needed. Ignore it both places.
  • Client: if <mem_usage_debug> set, show totals of BOINC tasks
  • Mac: update build scripts for OS 10.8 or later and current versions of dependent libraries:
    • c-ares 1.10.0
    • curl 7.35.0
    • openssl 1.0.1f
    • sqlite 3.8.3