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  • client: fix for idle detection on Linux (from Gianfranco)
  • API, Linux: shared memory between app and graphics app shouldn't be world RW
  • VBOX: If an error occurs, dump 8k of the VM trace log as well. Hopefully we can figure out what the duplicate UUID issue is as well as some of the snapshot issues.
  • VBOX: Change the default temp exit timeout from 5 minutes to a day.
  • VBOX: Missed one temp exit.
  • client, Linux: improve error-checking in idle-detection code
  • client: compute host CPID as hash of (MAC address, current directory). That way if there are multiple instances per host, they'll get different host CPIDs
  • VBOX: If we fail to terminate vboxmanage on a TIMEOUT, log the reason why.
  • WINBUILD: Update vboxwrappers version to 26068
  • VBOX: Sanitize vboxmanage's output before writing it to the trace log.
  • VBOX: If the volunteer abort the job while we are running, capture all the error logs in case they aborted because of an error.
  • VBOX: If vboxmanage returns a CO_E_SERVER_EXEC_FAILURE error, go again and retry the command anyway. Vboxsvc may be running and working but some other oddity prevented vboxmanage from communicating with vboxsvc. Evidence suggests future attempts may not fail. Trace logs indicates that the clean-up routines did not fail when we attempted to cleanup the environment before reporting a failure.
  • VBOX: Fix case of virtualbox and vboxheadless for platforms that are case sensitive. The code is currently disabled anyway, but if we re-enable it at some point we might as well avoid the bug.
  • Compile fixes for Ubuntu
  • API: make boinc_api_fortran.cpp compile
  • client, Win: when running GPU detect, use "boinc.exe" rather than "boinc" on cmdline. An alpha tester reported that this fixed an error; not sure why
  • Mac: Update build script for wxWidgets 3.0.0
  • Mac: update build scripts for OS 10.9
  • client: Default to /usr/bin when looking for VboxManage. Depending on the Linux distro it can be in many different locations, even if it is installed in a different location there is normally a symbolic link in /usr/bin which points to the real deal. Vboxwrapper should be able to run it successfully because it'll be in the standard search path.
  • client: work fetch policy tweak. If a project has active uploads, defer work fetch from it for 5 minutes even if there are idle devices (that's the change). This addresses a situation (reported by Rytis) where - a project P has a jobs-in-progress limit less than NCPUS - P's jobs finish and are uploading - the client asks P for work and doesn't get any because of the limit - the client does exponential backoff from P. Over the long term, P can get much less than its fair share of work