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  • Update all project list for packages we release
  • locale: Update compiled localization files
  • client: implement support for OpenCL detection of CPUs Notes:
    • The same CPU can have a different cpu_opencl_prop for each of multiple OpenCL platforms. We send them all to the project server because:
    • Different OpenCL platforms report different values for the same CPU.
    • Some OpenCL CPU apps may work better with certain OpenCL platforms.
  • OpenCL has only 64 bits for global_mem_size, so it can report a max of only 4GB; get the CPU RAM size from gstate.hostinfo.m_nbytes.
  • lib: fix a comment
  • client: For compatibility with boinc_get_opencl_ids(), don't include CPU when enumerating opencl_dev_index
  • client: better error handling for OpenCL CPUs
  • Move OpenCL-related code to a separate file
  • Update Win project files for new .cpp file
  • Update Mac project file for new .cpp file
  • lib: On Windows, if the registry key that defines where the data directory is missing, check to see if the default directory exists anyway. If the directory exists change the current working directory over to it.
  • lib: A little code cleanup missed from the previous commit