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  • MGR: Center the Simple View slide show area, fix wrapping of project description text when project has no slide show
  • Client: on read_cc_config() GUI RPC, reread app_config.xml files as well as cc_config.xml
  • Attempt to fix appearance of Simple View buttons on Windows
  • MGR: Fix a minor glitch rendering corners of backgrounds of Task and Project areas in Linux Simple View
  • MGR: Limit event log to 2000 messages, deleting oldest if necessary
  • boincmgr: patch to change temporaries to long. Fixes# 1226 (From: Alyssa Milburn) Thanks Gianfranco Costamagna
  • client: change work fetch policy to work better with GPU exclusions
    • scale amount of work request by (# non-excluded instances)/#instances
    • change policy: old: don't fetch work if #jobs > #non-excluded instances new: don't fetch work if # of instance-seconds used in RR sim > work_buf_min * (#non-exluded instances)/#instances
  • client: add --suppress_net_info cmdline option
  • Client/manager: isspace() throws an exception on Win for non-ASCII chars. Check isascii() first.
  • client emulator: fix crash if you have active tasks of non-CPU-intensive projects
  • client, work fetch policy. Change policy for projects w/ GPU exclusions
  • client (FreeBSD): detect running on batteries; from rustyBSD
  • client: add <fetch_on_update> config option; requests work when you update a project even if it's not highest priority
  • MGR: Make the flags to InternetReadFileEx() match those of InternetOpen(). Mixed flags can cause unpredictable results.
  • MGR: if InternetReadFile() sets ERROR_IO_PENDING error, we need to call it again to get the next chunk of data
  • client: parse <fetch_on_update> config flag, and show it on startup
  • MGR: Fix memory leaks, add debug fprintf's trying to find cause of crashes when retrying load of images in notices
  • manager: don't show DCF in project properties page if it's 1
  • build: Add -Wcast-align to list of compiler warnings we are interested in. It'll help prevent crashes in CPU Architectures that are strict on there alignment policies. (From: Jeffrey Walton)
  • client: Revert my changes for the --detach_console functionality back to the original implementation
  • MGR: Remove temporary debugging fprintf's
  • Manager (and possibly other components): XML parsing fix
  • MGR: Disable the download of image files for now. Revisit policy after the next public release.