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  • wrapper: use waitpid() instead of wait4(), which is missing on Android.
  • client: if app does temporary exit, don't print premature exit warning
  • client: show sysmon messages correctly. This was supposed to be in my 507cd79 commit, but it got botched somehow.
  • client: the <task> debug flag enables suspend/resume messages for both CPU and GPU. Previously CPU messages were always shown,and GPU messages were shown if <cpu_sched_debug> was set.
  • client: fix bug where reschedule wasn't being done on GPU suspend or resume.
  • wrapper: fix CPU time accounting on Unix
  • client: (android) add wifi location of Android 4 devices to detect wifi state properly.
  • client: when formatting the OpenCL description field, use the human readable version of the GPU type. People were expecting Intel GPU instead of intel_gpu.
  • android: Add environment variables for CC and CFLAGS. The regex stuff in the wrapper was using the Linux(x86) compiler instead of the Android (ARM) cross-compiler
  • Wrapper: CPU time account was broken on Windows
  • wrapper: remove unneeded debug code from the wrapper
  • boinc_zip: most of the zip code is C code
  • boinc_zip: Add NO_LCHMOD for Android and Linux. Comment out duplicate definitions of gmtime() and localtime().
  • Modifications to autoconf scripts for non-standard openssl installs
  • Added boinc version checking to plan_class_spec. New plan_class_spec.xml tags are <max_core_client_version> and <min_core_client_version> which are integer values major*10000+minor*100+release
  • lib: Only process FormatMessage output if the function succeeds. The CC calls windows_format_error_string() for all non-zero returns