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  • client: show available disk space correctly on startup.
  • client: add code for detecting running on batteries on OpenBSD. From RustyBSD.
  • LIB: Standardize on using windows_format_error_string and drop windows_error_string.
    • Move the windows_format_error_string function to win_util.cpp, .h instead of it being scattered between util.h and str_util.cpp.
    • Convert the Windows error string into UTF8 before allowing it to be used by the caller.
    • Remove windows_error_string from library.
  • LIB: Call FormatMessageW directly and skip an extra string encoding conversion step.
  • OpenCL: fix bug reported by Heinz-Bernd Eggenstein.
  • Fix build break for boinc_opencl.cpp and move the include of <vector> below the pre-compiled header file for Windows builds in boinc_api.cpp
  • client: make CPU throttling apply to GPU apps.
  • MGR: when selecting a new client, clear Notices tab and don't display "Fetching notices" until connected to new client.
  • MGR: clear Simple View Notices when disconnected and don't display "Fetching notices" until connected to client.
  • client: get proxy info before attempting project list fetch or any other HTTP op.
  • client: backoff message tweaks.
  • Manager: fix case where the client has only an Intel GPU, and the manager was acting as if it had no GPUs.
  • client: write GPU list in get_state() GUI RPC. Otherwise manager doesn't know what GPUs we have.
  • client: the logic for work fetch in the presence of GPU exclusions (especially per-app exclusions) was incomplete and buggy. Changes:
    • make bitmaps of included instances per (app, resource type).
    • in round-robin simulation, we keep track of used instances (so that we know if there are instances that are idle because of exclusions). Do this based on app-level exclusions (previously it was done based on project-wide exclusions, which didn't include app-level exclusions).
    • compute RSC_PROJECT_WORK_FETCH::non_excluded_instances as the logical OR of the per-app masks. I.e. if you exclude an instance for all apps separately, it's the same as excluding it for the project as a whole. (Note: this bitmap is used for only 1 purpose: if we have idle instances, don't request work from a project for which those instances are excluded.)
    • define RSC_PROJECT_WORK_FETCH::ncoprocs_excluded as the # of instances excluded for *any* app, not the # excluded for all apps. This quantity is used in work fetch to make sure we don't unboundedly fetch jobs that turn out not to have a GPU to run on due to exclusions.
  • MGR: Somehow we are receiving an WM_ACTIVATEAPP event before m_pFrame has been populated on Windows 8. If m_pFrame is NULL, ignore the event.
  • client (Win): don't call msg_printf() from sysmon thread. Instead, put msg into a buffer and let main thread print it. This may fix crashes on system suspend/resume.
  • Compile fix for non-Windows clients.
  • OpenCL: remove dead code reported by Heinz-Bernd Eggenstein.
  • WINSETUP: Update installer build files based on the 7.0.x branch