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  • client: If OpenCL detection gets an error for a platform or device, finish detection of the remaining platforms and / or devices. Move OpenCL memory size workaround back into OpenCL source file.
  • client: put some casts to double in NVIDIA detect code. Shouldn't make any difference.
  • client: work around a nasty bug which crashes OSX (!) on some dual-gpu MacBooks with CUDA installed if we call cuInit() unless we force use of the discrete (NVIDIA) GPU.
  • client: initialize memfree and memtotal before use for Nvidia cards. It appears that the Nvidia API was only setting 32-bits of the 64-bit value. The remaining 32-bits were whatever was on the stack.
  • client: Don't support CUDA on dual-GPU MacBooks with automatic GPU switching but continue to support OpenCL for NVIDIA GPUs. This prevents forcing use of the discrete (NVIDIA) GPU, which greatly decreases time the computer can run on battery power.
  • client: if a project has excluded GPUs of a given type, allow it to fetch work of that type if the # of runnable jobs it <= the # of non-excluded instances (rather than 0).
  • client: fix bug that broke file signing with X.509 certificates. From matszpk. Fixes #1168.
  • client: print log msgs (enabled by task_debug) if the client times out on quitting or aborting a task, and has to kill it.
  • API, SCR: Switch from *.txf fonts to TrueType fonts in graphics applications, ensuring that all related files have no licensing issues.
  • Mac: Update scripts for building branded installers to allow building with Xcode 4.3 under OS 10.7.x Lion; change names of branded installers from "*macOSX_universal" to "*macOSX_i686" since we no longer support PowerPC Macs.
  • SS: Update project files to use FreeType and FTGL on Windows.
  • Sample Graphics app: Switch from *.txf fonts to TrueType fonts.
  • Mac: Update build instructions and build script.
  • WIN: Make the example graphics application build again.
  • WIN: Get rid of the linker warnings for both the default screensaver and the example graphics application
  • API: remove support for BMP and TGA image files; the code to parse these had no license info. Only JPEG is supported now.
  • client: fix error in runtime estimation for active tasks
  • MGR: Enforce the 0..10 day limit on the connect interval for the advanced preferences dialog. At some point we should rename it.
  • API: Remove ttfont.cpp from Makefile.am. Apps should include it in there Makefile as needed.
  • WINSCR: Fix problem with the screensaver needlessly cycling in preview mode. Ugh.
  • WIN: Remove reference to deleted tgalib.cpp file.
  • Client/manager: there was a bug because some code was writing "cpu" in XML, and other code was looking for "CPU". To fix this and prevent similar problems, processor type names are now encapsulated in proc_type_name_xml(). Code should use this rather than having hard-wired names. Redefine: GPU_TYPE_* as macros that call proc_type_name_xml().
  • MGR: Fix build break.
  • client: when we're making a scheduler RPC for a reason other than work fetch, and we're deciding whether to piggyback a work request, skip the checks for hysteresis (buffer < min) and for per-resource backoff time. These checks are there only to limit the rate of RPCs, which is not relevant since we're doing one any. This fixes a bug where a project w/ sporadic jobs specifies a next_rpc_delay to ensure regular polling from clients. When these polls occur they should request work regardless of backoff.
  • client: tweak to the above: never ask for work if buffer > max. This is needed to prevent projects that use next_rpc_delay from queuing unbounded work.
  • client: treat all 4xx HTTP errors as permanent
  • code cleanup
  • WINSETUP: Provide the ability to create the acct_mgr_login.xml from the command line. Useful for mass deployments within companies and charities.
  • Mac installer: Fixes for short (posix) user names containing spaces.