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  • ss_app: Under sandbox security, set boincscr permissions the same as for BOINC Manager: setgid to boinc_master but do not setuid; this allows the screensaver coordinator to kill boincscr but still gives boincscr access to GUI RPC password file and so to all GUI RPCs.
  • SS: On Windows, add code to get paths to BOINC data and executable directories from Windows registry; expects boincscr in BOINC executable directory and ss-config.xml in BOINC data directory
  • GUI RPC: "get prefs" RPC was messed up by yesterdays's checkin; also, change all bools to <foo>0|1</foo> rather than <foo/>
  • Manager: add GPU preference to advanced prefs dialog
  • client: fix bug where master fetch failure doesn't clear request flag, leading to infinite retry without backoff
  • client: fix bug in time-of-day limit prefs (both CPU and network)
  • GUI RPC: add master_url and local_revision to PROJECT_CONFIG struct. The former will allow the Manager to verify project URLs
  • SS: On Windows, make path strings Unicode compatible in ss coordinator
  • WINBUILD: Remove ReleaseSigned build depends.
  • WINBUILD: Add NVAPI to the list of static libraries to include during the build process. Driver version detection
  • client: detect NVIDIA driver version number, show it on startup, and include it with CUDA coprocessor descriptor in request msgs
  • client: fix compile break on Mac
  • client: add a debug flag <dcf_debug> for seeing changes in DCF
  • client: don't ignore jobs with fraction_done=1 (but still running)