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  • client: fix bug that caused infinite sched RPCs if project down
  • SCROPENGL: Checkin the files needed for the new OpenGL based BOINC screensaver
  • renamed boinc_ss_opengl to ss_app
  • GUI RPC: made password file read into function
  • lib: minimized FCGI library
  • SS: Begin work on upgrading screensaver coordinator for new functionality:
  • add filenames for ss config file and default OpenLG ss executable
  • add sandbox security support for these 2 files
  • MGR: Display all projects in the project list but disable the text control is the project doesn't list a supported platform. If the user clicks on it display a message box stating that once attached the user may not get any work
  • SS: Implement basic new functionality in screensaver coordinator.
  • Note: this is tested on Mac only at this point.
  • SS: Add ss_app to XCode Project, with a temporary icon
  • MGR: Back out David's change which broke clipboard functionality on Linux. Take care of the real performance problem with copying 20000+ records to the clipboard in a Debug build by pre-allocating the buffer
  • client: redefine "overworked" as debt < -1.5 * work_buf * cpu_sched_period
  • MGR: On newer versions of the wxWidget framework the project list wasn't being properly sized, so create it with a fixed size
  • client: when accounting job elapsed time, ignore intervals longer than 10 secs; that could only happen if the client or host was suspended/hibernated.
  • client: in adjust_debts(), ignore intervals longer than 2*work fetch period, not 2*CPU sched period. adjust_debts() is called from work fetch.
  • client: if time intervals for debt adjustment or job elapsed time are negative, ignore (must be clock reset)
  • client: if ncpus is zero in cc_config.xml, honor it
  • client: it the state file or an RPC reply has an app version using a coprocessor we don't know about, ignore it(and all results using that app_version will be flushed). This deals with the situation where we have some GPU jobs, but the GPU card is removed (previously this resulted in a crash). This requires some code shuffling so that we check for coprocessors before reading state file
  • screensaver: flesh out new SS a bit
  • SS: Continue work on screensaver coordinator.
  • SS: Fix ss_app compile errors on Mac
  • SS: Screensaver coordinator reads ss_config.xml file.
  • SS: If coordinator runs default screensaver during science phase because no science graphics are available, then shorten the next default graphics phase by that much time
  • MGR: fix build break for GCC based compilers
  • client: all scheduler RPCs except user request are subject to backoff.
  • client: if a project-requested RPC doesn't return work, don't do resource backoff.
  • client: if a user-requested scheduler RPC errors out, clear the request