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  • MGR: finish changes to combined attach wizard, change "Forgot password" link for account managers to a link to AM's home page, add static text that you must register at web site before proceeding or go to web site for forgotten password
  • client: include device number in message describing NVIDIA GPU, and call it "NVIDIA GPU" rather than "CUDA device" fixes #879
  • client: tweak messages
  • client: when parsing app_info.xml, make sure coprocessors are present. fixes #911
  • client: Fix missing argument in printf statements
  • MGR: Accept Unicode input for usernames and password in the manager now that the manager is Unicode enabled. Input will show up as UTF-8 strings in the CC and project
  • MGR: Fix bug in browser cookie detection code where firefox v3 cookie detection was returning true even for cookies that don't exist
  • MGR: Add some basic validation for account manager cookie detection
  • GUI RPC: add active_only option to get_results() RPC
  • client: read app_info.xml's AFTER scanning GPUs. Otherwise we'll discard all GPU apps and results.
  • MGR: Fix compile errors.
  • MGR: Remove authenticator validity test from detect_cookie_safari() since it is now used for additional cookies; this had already been done for other browsers