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  • client: for coproc jobs, don't start a job while a quit is pending. Otherwise the new job may fail on memory allocation.
  • client: instead of scheduling coproc jobs EDF:
    • first schedule jobs projected to miss deadline in EDF order
    • then schedule remaining jobs in FIFO order

This is intended to reduce the number of preemptions of coproc jobs, and hence (since they are always preempted by quit) to reduce the wasted time due to checkpoint gaps.

  • client: the CPU scheduling policy made use of the number of deadline misses in various places. This should include only the deadline misses of CPU jobs. So move "deadlines_missed" from RR_SIM_STATUS and PROJECT to RSC_PROJECT_WORK_FETCH so that we have separate counts for CPU and coproc jobs, and use the count for CPU jobs.
  • GUI RPC: removed the rr_sim_deadlines_missed field from project descriptor. This is no longer meaningful, and it didn't seem to be used anywhere.
  • GUI RPC and manager: send slot and show it in task properties rather than slot path (slot_path is defined only for apps with graphics app).
  • client: put back the call to res_init() on lookup failure. Apparently it worked after all.
  • client: Fix spelling mistake in Windows environment.
  • client: for each app version, keep track of the largest WSS of tasks using it. In checking whether tasks fit in RAM, use this as an estimate for tasks that haven't started yet. This avoids a situation where the client starts a lot of tasks in sequence, only to find that each one doesn't fit in RAM