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  • client: (unix): if host name lookup fails, call res_init(). This is an attempt to fix a problem on Linux where, if the client starts before a VPN is set up, it can never communicate
  • WINSCR: It appears newer notebook models with multiple video chipsets exhibit an interesting situation. It appears as though in certain conditions a single monitor machine actually reports itself as having three monitors. Normally the monitor that contains the primary window (coord 0,0) is on monitor 0, but on these machines coord 0,0 is actually on monitor 2. This led to the screensaver not properly exiting when keyboard and/or mouse activity was detected. Now when we detect that keyboard and/or mouse activity has happened we send the WM_INTERRUPTSAVER event to all windows on all monitors
  • get_project_config.php: include plan classes in platform list; i.e., list both win/x86 and win/x86 + NVIDIA. This will allow the manager to show which projects can use the hosts's coprocessors, and also graying out projects that require an absent coproc.
  • fix compile warnings
  • WINSETUP: When uninstalling, don't migrate the client data back to the 5.x location
  • WINSETUP: On some setups, how we were including the 'Everyone' well known security ID in the boinc_users group didn't work properly. From now on include the 'Everyone' security ID in the various ACLs instead. This will probley clean up a wide range of various issues with multi-user installs
  • client: we were setting config defaults after parsing cmdline. This meant that the cmdline args that set config params weren't working:
    • allow_multiple_clients
    • report_results_immediately
    • no_priority_change
    • start_delay
  • API: Added new function boinc_set_credit_claim() for use by projects that want to grant approximately fixed credits, but don't want to express them in terms of FPOPS and IOPS. This API just calls boinc_ops_cumulative(N*8.64000e+11,0).