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  • client: run CPU benchmarks and contact ref site if platform changes
  • client: show duration estimates for CPU and CUDA separately
  • client: get rid of CPU_PESSIMISM_FACTOR; it wasn't actually being used
  • manager: compile fix for gcc4.4
  • client: don't allow coproc apps in app_info.xml. Otherwise we'll get stuck in a loop where the client asks for CPU work, and the scheduler sends jobs for what it thinks is a CPU app but is actually a coproc app. Eventually we should add coproc info to the app descriptions send in scheduler request, so that you can use anonymous platform for coproc apps. But let's wait on this.
  • client: reorganize and improve the logic for deciding when to do a scheduler RPC: if user request or acct mgr request, ignore backoff and suspend via GUI; in all other cases honor both of these
  • client: if using anonymous platform, ignore (and complain about) app versions in scheduler reply
  • client: when reporting anonymous platform apps in sched request, don't include <file_info>s (not relevant to * manager: show version minor numbers as 0n
  • client: anon plaform app versions can specify coprocs
  • MGR: Remove previous implementations of the already attached to projects detection code.
  • MGR: Prevent the user from progressing beyond the project selection page if they are already attached to the project they are trying to attach to. Display a dialog box telling they are already attached to that project and to choose a different project. This skips a bunch of steps if they meant to attach to a different project
  • MGR: Account for new error code returned by the CC in response to a get_project_config.php request. It was causing the wizards to throw a temp unavailable error page instead of the not a boinc project page. Fixes #640
  • MGR: Newer versions of the server-side software publish their master url in the response to the get_project_config.php request. If it exists use it over what was specified by the user. Fixes #259
  • MGR: Saving and Restoring window diminisions is not a Mac only operation when starting up or shutting down the client. Increase the auto-save state timer from 5 minutes to 5 seconds. Fixes #69, Fixes #735, Fixes #790,
  • MGR: Lengthen the connected to client status field. Fixes #632
  • MGR: Properly update the connected to client status field even after a change to the simple view. Fixes #688
  • MGR: Don't display the Simple GUI 'Remove Project' menu item if it was attached via an account manager. Fixes #261
  • client: with anonymous platforms, app versions are identified by app/platform/version/plan-class, same as normal
  • MGR: Set the dial-up and VPN connection list box to a static size so that a scroll bar will appear if the number of items exceeds the space to display them. Fixes #96
  • Mac: Remove obsolete files AlreadyAttachedPage.cpp, .h from XCode project.
  • MGR: On Mac, revert to auto-save frequency of 5 minutes because
    • The 3 bugs did not occur on the Mac, and
    • The saved info is written to a file on the Mac, but the file is not flushed to disk until the Manager is closed, so the extra auto-saves have no effect but only waste CPU cycles
  • GUI RPC: the Jan 13 checkin removed some items from the get_state() reply which are not included in our client interface. However, it turns out that BoincView uses these items; put them back.
  • GUI RPC: set_debt() can set CUDA LTD as well as CPU
  • lib: remove "owner" array from COPROC. This was used in client to keep track of assignment of coprocessors to tasks, but we got rid of the reserve/free scheme. NOTE: this breaks the mechanism for passing --device N to apps; I'll have to do this another way. Stay tuned
  • MGR: Don't hide the main window after attaching to an account manager if we don't support the system tray on that platform. refs #844
  • client: add a new mechanism for assigning coproc instances to tasks, and passing them the corresponding --device N cmdline args. This fixes a bug introduced in 17402 (Feb 26) that broke the --device feature, presumably causing problems on systems with multiple GPUs
  • client: fix crash
  • client: Fix compiler warning on Mac