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  • Mac client: update build scripts, XCode project for curl-7.19.2 and c-ares 1.6.0. (Checked into boinc_core_release_6_5_0 tag.)
  • Mac: Fix compiler warning.
  • client: error checking for on/connected/active_frac values from XML
  • XML_PARSER: in parse_int(), set errno to zero before calling strtol().
  • WINSETUP: Use the installer from 6.4 going forward. Shows CUDA warning on Vista.
  • client, Win: don't leak thread handlers; fixes #808
  • client: don't accept 0 for active/on/connected frac; set to 1
  • client: work fetch: skip project if zero CPU shortfall and currently have coproc jobs.
  • client: preserve ownership when copying files to slot directory. Fixes a problem with Enigma@home which uses the <copy_file/> tag.