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  • client: allow CPU saturation even if GPU running, all platforms (once GPUgrid.net fixes it app, this isn't needed anymore)
  • client, CUDA detection: 1) report all devices found, 2) use the specs of the fastest one
  • MGR: in Attach to Account manager Wizard Completion page, word-wrap the CompletionBrandedMessage static text item so it won't run off the edge of the dialog for GridRepublic on the Mac
  • WINSETUP: Make sure we don't try and do anything with the SeDenyRemoteInteractiveLogonRight user right on Windows 2000 or older. Fixes #789
  • client: add <no_gpus> config option
  • API: add "normal_thread_priority" to BOINC_OPTIONS. If set, the worker thread runs at normal priority on Win. May be useful for CUDA apps.
  • MGR: Reset messages whether client is restarted by manager or elsewhere to guarantee they are refreshed.
  • MGR: Always scroll Messages displays to last message if connection status changes.
  • MGR: If user requests localhost in Select Computer dialog, relaunch client if it is not running. This allows a user to restart the Client by selecting "Shut down connected client" and then selecting localhost
  • LIB: Update to libcurl 7.19.2

Main changes:

  • Network traffic is handled in a new thread. (The manager should not lock up while communicating with the core client)
  • Merged the accessible and grid based advanced views.
  • Various changes related to skins.