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  • MGR: Fix build break on non_Windows systems.
  • MGR: Provide a way to re-enable the Exit Dialog on non-Windows systems, too.
  • MGR: Remove Exit() from RPC thread to possibly fix occasional crash on Windows; KillRPCThread() tries to end thread gracefully on Windows before killing it
  • client: don't fclose() time_stats_log if it's NULL Fixes #772
  • MGR: Erase and refresh entire Tasks panel when selecting a new tab to try to fix cosmetic bug reported by David on Windows
  • SVCCTRL: Introduce a new binary that is used to start and stop the BOINC service, if it is installed as a service.

NOTE: If UAC is turned on in Windows Vista then even an administrator cannot start/stop a service without elevating their priviliages. The new application includes the requiresAdmin tag in its manifest file to cause the UAC dialog to be displayed when it is launched