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  • client: /proc/N/stat has () around the command name. Remove these.
  • client: the preemptability order was wrong
  • client: cleaned up CPU scheduler logic somewhat
  • client: include precompiled header in rr_sim.cpp so memory leak detection will work.
  • MGR: Have the BaseFrame call a function to determine if the selection list should be saved instead of traversing the application pointer. Each view just overrides the function returning a true/false value. We don't have to worry about null pointers and the like.
  • MGR: BOINCGUIApp should never need to know how either the views work or the document. Move the code that determines which RPCs should be fired into each of the views. Have the document look for it there.
  • MGR: Reduce duplicate code for hiding and showing an application
  • MGR: Move some Windows and Mac specific code into functions and streamline the application startup and shutdown rountines.
  • MGR: Move the event processing that was in BOINCGUIApp into the BaseFrame.
  • MGR: General cleanup.
  • MGR: Doxygen comments.
  • MGR: Cleanup some warnings
  • MGR: Fix show / hide on Mac broken by previous changes
  • Rebuild libcurl x86 and x64 (turn off async DNS) for Windows only
  • client: revise round-robin simulation to take variable avg_ncpus into account
  • Mac SCR: fix some real and potential crash bugs