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  • client: show est CPC time of jobs returned by sched RPC, if sched_op_debug; fixes #256
  • client: use different temp file names for different purposes
  • client: change logic in a pathological file xfer case(we asked for tail of file, proxy returned whole file) to report fopen() errors correctly, and to close all open files
  • MGR: Fix crash in Projects:Properties.
  • MGR: Always update underlying data when changing tabs, attaching,detaching, forcing refresh, etc.
  • client: Fix CUDA detection on Mac
  • manager: fix strings in Project Properties
  • client: major changes to enforce_schedule() to handle GPUs
  • MGR: Fix SimpleGUI to work with wxWidgets 2.8.7
  • MGR: Fix for (future) compatibility with wxWidgets 2.8.9
  • MGR: To reduce flicker, redraw only changed cells in List Control (not entire row) on non-Mac systems.
  • MGR: Fix flashing red Messages button in SimpleGUI
  • client: print a message, and recompute ncpus, when reread cc_config.xml
  • client: report job resources even when no active task
  • client: correctly null-terminate file upload handler reply
  • MGR: Multiple fixes to Async GUI RPCs:
       - Reject most events during RPC Wait dialog.  This should 
           eliminate most asserts due to undesired recursion in 
       - Always update message list every second, even when in other 
           view tabs or when manager is minimized.
       - Eliminate separate task bar update timer, update with other 
           periodic RPCs.
       - Always update task information in task bar icon tooltip when 
           user hovers mouse over task bar icon.
       - Improve enabling / disabling of task bar icon menu items.
  • MGR: Multiple fixes to Async GUI RPCs:
       - Don't show RPC Please Wait dialog while BOINC is minimized.
       - Filter events to block all events while RPC Please Wait dialog 
           is displayed, except:
            - Allow "Open BOINC Manager" Taskbar menu command.
           - Allow Paint and Erase events.
  • MGR: Use try / catch blocks for all cached data in Projects, Tasks and Transfers tabs
  • client: clarify and fix the semantics of "next RPC time".
       Here's are the new semantics: a scheduler reply can include
           Make another RPC ASAP after this amount of time elapses.
           This is specified by the <next_rpc_delay> element in config.xml.
           Don't make another RPC until this amount of time elapses.
           This is sent automatically (and sometimes with large delays)
           by various parts of the scheduler.
       next_rpc_delay now "overrides" request_delay in the sense that
       request_delay is ignored if it's greater than next_rpc_delay.
       In addition: the client maintains a min_rpc_time which is set based
       on request_delay and also by various exponential backoff schemes.
       new_rpc_delay now overrides this as well, in the same sense
  • client: new config flags
       <network_test_url>: where to go to see if network is up
       <client_version_check_url>: where to get list of client versions
       <client_download_url>: where to direct user to get new version
  • manager: some different text for WCG version
  • MGR: discard only Command, Timer and Mouse Moved events during RPC "Please Wait" dialog; no event processing during first RPC_WAIT_DLG_DELAY seconds of Demand RPC
  • MGR: Fix updating task bar icon on disconnect from Client, fix a crash on exiting
  • MGR: When any project's resource share changes, update all percentages that have changed (which is probably all of them) in Projects tab