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  • client (Win): if running as service, and service is suspended/resumed, restore previous run state rather than going to auto.
  • client: improve startup messages (non-system user??)
  • client (Win): if we're not in protected mode, don't create shmem segs in global name space. Hopefully this will fix a bug (on Vista, UAC off, non-protected install) where apps fail to attach to shmem.
  • MGR: Fix the Alt-Tab icon on Windows XP. Fixes# 586. Thanks Der Meister.
  • MGR: Change from using balloons to tooltips. Fixes #9. Thanks David Barnard.
  • client: Fix build break on Mac.
  • MGR: Fix build breaks on Mac.
  • MGR: If more than two active tasks are running then tell the user how many active tasks are running instead of attempting to display the percent complete of each one.
  • MGR: If the computer name is the local host then skip displaying it in the tooltip.