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  • MGR: Adjust pie control slices so small wedges are visible if at all possible,
  • MGR: Don't enlarge pie control slices if value is zero.
  • client: eliminate spurious "unparsed XML" messages Fixes #664. Rom, please backport to 6.2
  • web: convert some tr() to tra() on BOINC web pages
  • boinccmd (Windows): chdir to the data directory (from registry)
  • client: copy api_version of APP_VERSIONs in scheduler reply, even if we already have the APP_VERSION. Otherwise, when upgrading from 5.10 to 6.2, we won't have the api_version, and we won't learn about it until project releases new version.
  • fix build breaks for Windows x64 builds.
  • Mac Installer: delete old locale directory to remove "boinc manager.mo" files before installing new "boinc-manager.mo" files (or vice versa).
  • WINSETUP: The call to GetFreeDiskSpaceEx was failing becuase the path didn't exist yet, so all the values in the returned data structures was random junk. If the directory had never been created before then it was returning 27/57 bytes free. If the drectory had existed at one time then the return values were several gigabytes. If the first request to GetFreeDiskSpaceEx fails, then check for the parent directory, if that fails pass a NULL value which means check the default volume.
  • WINSETUP: Fix a struct alignment issue when dumping the base64 encoded password for boinc_project to a file. ATL's string conversion functions act of a class and not a buffer which makes memory management easier but doesn't interop well with fprintf unless you specify the buffer name directly.