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  • client: if we request that an app exit, and it doesn't do so within 10 seconds, kill it. This deals with the situation where the app is ignoring messages (e.g. because it forgot to end a critical section).
  • client: if either the FP or int benchmark runs less than 3 CPU seconds (out of 10 seconds of wall time) ignore the benchmark. This is an effort to deal with a problem where (for unknown reasons) the int benchmark runs for a tiny amount of CPU time, leading to an absurdly large result
  • Manager: don't prepend "[error]" to MSG_INTERNAL_ERROR messages; the client already does this.
  • client: Fix compiler warning.
  • MGR: Fix CMainDocument::WorkShowGraphics() for Mac, UNIX and Linux to allow showing graphics with or without sandbox.
  • MGR: Statistics and Disk tab panes: clear when disconnected from Client, update quickly when connecting to a (different) Client.
  • client (Unix): linking libcudart.so wasn't working, so CUDA detection failed. For reasons I don't understand, adding "/usr/local/cuda/lib" to LD_LIBRARY_PATH and then doing dlopen("libcudart.so") wasn't working, even though the library is in that dir. I worked around this by calling dlopen("/usr/local/cuda/lib/libcudart.so") and if that fails call dlopen("libcudart.so"),
  • Unix: commented out Eric's setenv() stuff. After doing a configure, HAVE_SETENV is not in config.h, so something's messed up with it.
  • client: trimmed down "pre-release software" message
  • LIB: Windows 9X doesn't like it when you specify a security descriptor, so special case Win9X so that it'll pass a NULL to CreateFileMapping.
  • DIAG: Passing a null value to fclose in VS 2005 will cause a crash, so check to make sure that stdout_file and stderr_file are not null before attempting to close them. If they are null return ERR_FOPEN so that the next message logged can attempt to cycle the log without error.
  • CLIENT: Make sure the diagnostics framework is initialized before the config file is parsed or the command line is parsed, that way if and unexpected XML tab or command line parameter is found the client doesn't crash. NOTE: The client would only crash if the log file was already greater than 2MB which would cause the client to attempt to cycle the log files. Since the diagnostics framework wasn't initialized yet nothing was logged to the log file, no call stack was generated, and the default Windows debugging environment was fired up.
  • MGR: Update comments on how to link with Development / debug build of wxWidgets; add this info to build documentation.
  • client and server: in coprocessor records, change "name" to "type" to avoid confusion with "name" field of CUDA. This is a bug fix - please port.
  • start script: don't error out if run_state.xml file is empty (which happens if project runs out of disk space)
  • client part of the above