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  • Mac: Fix bad paths to MacBitMapComboBox.cpp, .h in XCode project. (Checked into 6.13.0 tag).
  • Mac: Fix bug where menubar icon menu did not work after changing skin.
  • WINSCR: Remove diagnostics screensaver dialog when the screensaver fails to be able open up the log files.
  • client: write log msgs saying whether GPUs are OpenCL-capable
  • client: fix bug introduced in [23765] that produced garbage in <coproc> elements in sched req msgs and elsewhere. peak_flops is a double. If you print it using %d, everything from that point forward is messed up.
  • client: fix typo that caused a lot of spurious "project has XXXXXX deadline misses" messages
  • fix compile warnings
  • client: possibly fix bug that caused no-GPU prefs to be ignored
  • Mac: Refine bug fix for menubar icon menu not working after changing skin.
  • client: fix bug related to deselecting resource types in project prefs. Some logic was missing.
  • client emulator web interface: make cc_config.xml an attribute of the simulation, not the scenario. If you want to run a simulation w/ different log flags, you shouldn't have to create a new scenario.
  • client emulator: add --config_prefix cmdline arg
  • client: clear have_nvidia/ati flags in CC_STATE so you don't show garbage in project properties
  • Manager and GUI RPC: Remove debt fields from PROJECT: not used anymore. Add sched_priority field
  • client: fix scheduler bug that treated all CPU jobs as non-high-priority
  • client: don't print spurious "domino prevention" and "thrashing prevention" msgs
  • manager: show project descriptions in same size font as the rest of the dialog
  • manager: do the above font change only on Win
  • manager: fix messed up logic that caused projects to show "platform not support" incorrectly. Note: the code in this entire area seems way too complex
  • manager: tweak project desc font size
  • client, work fetch policy: adjust project REC by the amount of work queued, to increase variety NOTE: at some point I think I had a reason to not do this, but I can't remember what it is.
  • client, job scheduling policy: fix how project REC is adjusted
  • manager: don't show "Estimated computation speed" in task properties The quantity involved is not actually computation speed. Also don't show Max RAM usage.
  • client: precede OpenCL messages with [coprog_debug], not [coproc-test]. The convention is to use the name of the enabling log flag.
  • lib: Fix the various '????' fields in the diagnostics framework during a crash on Windows. Somewhere along the lines I messed up with the conversions of single-byte characters vs. double-byte characters.
  • client: if a project has zero resource share, don't piggyback a work request onto a non-work-request RPC
  • client: show the right prefix for <cpu_sched_debug> messages
  • MGR: Fix "Can't load Image" messages in Simple View; allow gaps in slide show file numbering; reload images if new project files downloaded.