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  • MGR: Save window dimensions and position on SIZE and MOVE events to make sure changes are recorded even if the window is minimized (iconized) when exiting BOINC.
  • client: account manager RPC:
  • Additions to request message:

-- <not_started_dur>X</not_started_dur> -- <in_progress_dur>X</in_progress_dur> The estimated remaining duration of unstarted and in-progress tasks. Additions to reply message, within <project>, optional: <suspend>0|1</suspend> suspend or resume project (overrides local state)<abort_not_started>0|1</abort_not_started> if set, abort unstarted jobs.

  • Add support to detect VirtualBox VM software.
  • client and scheduler: a client host may have multiple VM systems installed. TODO: check for VirtualBox on Mac, Linux.
  • client: Add support to detect VirtualBox VM software on Mac.
  • Port missing minor change from trunk.
  • Mac Installer: remove obsolete kludge for generating x86_64 screensaver.
  • win_tray: Add logging support to trap crashes (of boinctray).
  • client: in account manager requests, include the following per-project attributes: suspended_via_gui, dont_request_more_work, deatch_when_done, ended.
  • client: restore code to maintain recent estimated credit.
  • client: Add VirtualBox detection for Linux.
  • Mac Installer: eliminate wrapper application around install package.
  • Mac Installer: permit remote install via SSH using command-line installer.
  • client: improve the way credit history is maintained Old: Maintain list of daily records. When add a new record, delete records older than a month. Problem: If there's a gap in the record (e.g. because project was down) deleting old records may result in a list that has an entry only for today. Data for the last month is lost. New: When appropriate, adjust the date of old records rather than deleting them.
  • Mac Installer: command-line installs test for existence of files /tmp/nonadminusersok.txt and /tmp/setboincsaver.txt
  • MGR: Switch to the tasks tab when a request to execute benchmarks has been requested. The messages tab no longer exists.
  • client: fix bug where client would ask project for work for a resource even when the project doesn't have app versions that use the resource. TODO: there are 2 functions, compute_may_have_work() and dont_fetch(), that do the same thing and both have misleading names. Clean this up. Rom: please back-port to 6.10
  • Mac Installer: Better handling of custom installer icon.
  • MGR Statistics tab: always show last 30 days in all projects (sum) graph.
  • Remove BOINC_RCSID tags from more source files.
  • client: Copy the AltiVec CPU feature to the p_features field, leave AltiVec in the host model field for backwards compatibility.
  • client: implement more scheduler changes that use recent estimated credit (REC) instead of debt. These changes are enabled by #define USE_REC in work_fetch.h. If this is commented out (the default) the client uses debt-based scheduling, same as before. TODO: work-fetch policy changes client simulator: various fixes:

-- compute idle and wasted fraction based on all processing resources, not just CPU. -- compute job completion times based on FLOPS, not CPU seconds. -- compute and use project->no_X_apps etc. GUI RPC, client side: add error-checking for CC_STATE::parse(); avoid crash if error or missing item in reply XML.

  • client: fix compiler warning.
  • vbox: Create a new VirtualBox wrapper using the VirtualBox COM API set. Use the existing wrapper as the baseline. Current wrapper just dumps the existing VMs defined on the machine. More to follow.
  • client: work fetch fix: try to maintain GPU work all projects, since we now do round-robin for GPUs as well as CPU. NOTE: this bug was found using the client simulator!
  • client simulator: generate REC graph.
  • client: do exponential backoff (from 10 min to 24 hours) on account manager RPC failures, rather than always waiting 24 hours.
  • client: use <foo>0|1</foo> instead of <foo/> or "" as XML boolean. This distinguishes between "false" and "not defined" (did this in a few places, should do it everywhere).
  • client: send host info in account manager request message.
  • client: on startup, generate a notice if any jobs require more RAM than is allowed by prefs.
  • manager: show RAM limit in task properties.
  • api: check return values of functions used in boinc_msg_prefix(), return a (valid) empty string if an error occurred.
  • MGR: Use standard menus, even on Windows, for the Simple GUI.