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  • client: don't use the Snooze mechanism to handle OS-requested suspension (especially with a 1-hour snooze period). Instead, handle them directly.
  • client: fix bug: statement had no effect.
  • account manager RPC: include TIME_STATS and NET_STATS in request message
  • client: show error messages from account managers correctly
  • client: win compile fix
  • client: fix bugs in runtime estimation of jobs that have run before but are not currently running.
    • Old: We maintain the most recent fraction_done in state file. But for apps that checkpoint seldom or never, this is not the relevant value, and frac done may go down when the app runs.
    • fraction_done_elapsed_time is not initialized, and can have garbage values for jobs that haven't run yet.
    • New: Record, in the state file, the values of fraction_done and fraction_done_elapsed_time at the most recent checkpoint. When the client starts up, use these values.