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  • Mac: Eliminate unused source files UserDisagreesPage.cpp, .h from Mac project. (Checked into boinc_core_release_6_12_22.)
  • client: if PREFS::max_ncpus_pct is 0, don't set it to 100; doing so prevents PREFS::max_ncpus from having any effect.
  • client: defer reporting completed tasks if an upload started recently; we might be able to report more tasks once the upload completes.
  • MGR: Remove unneeded asserts.
  • MGR: Add missing keyboard accelerators for the event log.
  • MGR: Re-enable the next button when the terms of use wizard page when the back button is pressed.
  • client:
    • add <heartbeat_debug> log flag
    • show trickle-up and int file upload msgs if <app_msg_receive> set
    • if scheduler RPC reason is trickle-up, say so
  • manager:
    • restore "non CPU intensive" to task description
    • project properties: show if RPC in progress or trickle-up pending. (show these low-probability things only if present)
  • manager: fix Unix build (from Ian Hay)
  • MGR: Check to see if keyboard accelerators can be redefined on the fly.
  • MGR: Add missing event handler map item.
  • client: fix bug that cause notice RSS feeds to disappear and reappear, and notices to erroneously be shown as new.
  • client: when estimating job runtime based on fraction done, use the elapsed time when fraction done was last reported, not current elapsed time. Fix problem where est time remaining increases linearly, then abruptly decreases when new frac done is reported. From Bruce Allen.
  • client: fix a couple of the messages that are appended to a job's stderr when the job is aborted
  • client: replace % with %% in messages from scheduler (else they're interpreted as format strings)
  • MGR: Adjust the width of the various tabs in advanced view if the notice text width changes.
  • MGR: Remove dead code.