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  • MGR: Fix compiler warning.
  • MGR: Fill in initial URL on Account Manager Wizard Selection page.
  • MGR: Add a new page to Attach Wizard to be displayed if the user rejects the Terms of Use.
  • lib: Make sorts of projects and account mangers case-insensitive.
  • client and API: pass "network suspended" flag from client to app; make it available as part of BOINC_STATUS
  • SCR: Follow the Mac's lead and gracefully exit the Data Management thread. Preserve the handle to take more drastic actions should that not work.
  • SCR: Fix compile breaks.
  • manager: fix crashing bug when notices (or other text parsed by XML_PARSER) contain non-ASCII characters. Rom: please port to 6.12
  • manager: fix the above to detect premature EOF correctly