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  • Mac: Update link to NVIDIA CUDA Mac driver download page.
  • client: when detach project, remove its RSS feeds from list
  • client: remove once-per-week limit for client-generated notices; need to show "network connection required" more often
  • client: when remove "network conn required" notice (because now have conn) set the flag that says complete notice list is being sent
  • client: if RSS feed fetch returns <error_num>, show the corresponding message rather than "XML parse error"
  • client: Fast User Switching does not change the session protocol to RDP when the active session is put into the background and a new one is brought into the foreground. It appears it is safe to use the connected state in addition to the protocol to detect when the session is no longer capable of processing GPU work
  • client: more notice-related fixes. I'm working on this case:
    • start up
    • disconnect (produces notice)
    • reconnect (removes notice) The client is now doing the right thing. The manager is not.
  • client: make "wait 30 sec after exclusive app exits" apply to network too
  • client: fix bug in "wait 30 sec after exclusive app exits" logic
  • client: fix compile warning and possible bug in is_remote_desktop()
  • win: remove wrappture_example from solution (until Hubzereo guys get their win lib working)
  • client: fix compiler warning.
  • client: surround the opaque field in a CDATA block.
  • client: wait 15 seconds (instead of 5) for an app to exit before killing it. Apparently some apps take ~10 sec on slow computers.
  • client: in the loop that starts up apps, check if we've been in the loop for 10 sec. If so, break out of it and reschedule. Avoid starving GUI RPCs and heartbeats.
  • client: finish [22902] (pass user ID, team ID to apps). Forgot to parse them in scheduler reply.
  • client: on finish upload, trigger work fetch (since we may have been waiting for upload finish)
  • client: fix crash: if remove an RSS feed, remove its active HTTP op if any.
  • MGR: Properly handle the case where the only notice in the manager is the 'no notice' notice and then we transition to a single notice from another source.
  • manager: show notice create time rather than arrival time
  • client: don't show "need network" notice if we don't need it
  • client: when get a bunch of notices from RSS feed, sort them by create time before appending to notice list. This ensures that, in the Notices tab, notices are ordered decreasing create time within an RSS feed (though not necessarily across feeds)
  • MGR: Turn -boincargs into a string instead of an option.
  • MGR: Turn off the task pane for the notices tab.
  • MGR: Disable our color scheme is a non-white background is selected for the current theme. My commit on 3 Mar 2010 wasn't good enough for High-Contrast themes.
  • client: in deciding whether to remove the "need network" notice, we were using the wrong (too high-level) interface
  • MGR: Change the reminder frequency interval to hours and adjust the min/max values to 0/24. Default value is now 6 hours between notification reminders.