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  • Mac Installer: Fix the code which deletes installer receipts to use the current package name (which changed when I eliminated the Mac installer wrapper application around the installer package.) This is needed to allow isntalling an older version to replace a newer one under OS 10.4.x.
  • Mac: More thorough error checking and recovery in code which localizes items in Mac's BOINC menu.
  • Mac: Additional error checking and release created objects in code which localizes items in Mac's BOINC menu.
  • Mac installer: update branded build scripts to eliminate wrapper application around install package (as was done for BOINC 6.12.7).
  • manager: project properties: if no venue, show "default"
  • client: fix work-fetch bug. The change in [21877] caused tasks in "download stalled" state to be skipped in RR simulation, and therefore to not be counted in the work buffer. However, "download stalled" was not being evaluated correctly; it was considering only per-file backoff, not project-wide backoff.
  • client: another work-fetch bug: don't fetch work from a project in project-wide download backoff.
  • client: fix bug in mechanism that defers work request until pending uploads are finished. Due to a typo, this was not being done. 669
  • client: when exclusive app mechanism is used (CPU or GPU) wait for 30 secs after excl app exits before restarting computation