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  • MGR: Save window dimensions and position on SIZE and MOVE events to make sure changes are recorded even if the window is minimized (iconized) when exiting BOINC.
  • client: accept <options/> and <log_flags/> in cc_config.xml
  • client: reset log flags (as well as options) when rereading cc_config.xml
  • Mac: Add info about dual-GPU Powerbooks to ReadMe files.
  • Mac: Localize items in Mac's BOINC menu.
  • MGR: Use branded short application name in Help tooltips instead of always using "BOINC".
  • Mac: Eliminate unused source files Localization.cpp, .h from Mac project.
  • client: make "wrong URL" message not be a notice
  • WINSETUP: Avoid a 0xc0000135 error by giving the boinc_master and boinc_project membership in the 'Users' group. Dynamic linking to nvcuda.dll was failing because the project applications were being denied access to DLLs in the system directory.