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  • client: Display Mac OS Version as well as Darwin version in Messages tab
  • Mac: Remove references to OS 10.3.9 SDK, fix script build phases in XCode project so it can be built using either XCode 3.2 under OS 10.6 or XCode 3.1 under OS 10.5.
  • Mac installer: Create script to build installer for Campus Party (installs
  • finish up the auto-team feature
  • Mac Installer: fix typos in installer build script.
  • lib: Fix the value returned from get_mac_addresses() on Macintosh computers. It has returned the value of kernResult, which is 0 on success, instead of true for success, since the routine was first written in November 2008. This causes the client to generate a new random CPID every time the client is launched.
  • Re-enable the memory leak detection code for the 6.10 branch.
  • WIN: Treat Windows SEH exceptions as C++ exceptions so they can be trapped using the standard try/catch handlers.
  • WIN: Wrap the coproc detection stuff in C++ exception handlers. If for some reason the Nvidia or ATI APIs cause an exception don't use the GPUs and don't crash BOINC.