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  • client: cap time_stats dt at 2 weeks, so people upgrading to 6.10 won't get big drop in on_frac.
  • client: fix bug in RR simulation: start only enough jobs to fill CPUs per project, not all the CPU jobs at once. I'm not sure how much difference this makes, but this is how it's supposed to work.
    • client: if app_info.xml doesn't specify flops, use an estimate that takes GPUs into account.
    • client: if it's been more than 2 weeks since time stats update, don't decay on_frac at all
  • client: try to save space in req msg. Didn't make much difference
  • client: don't display processor cache if we don't know it.
  • client: skip ATI detection stuff and error messages on Macs because ATI doesn't yet have a CAL library for Mac
  • client: in startup msgs, show resource shares, don't show prefs details
  • Mgr: skip exit confirmation dialog if user pressed emergency Exit button on AsyncRPCDlg
  • client: fix bug in FIFO selection of coproc jobs (senility setting in?)
  • client: add <fraction_done> to boinc_task_state.xml
  • client: change order in poll loop so that:
       1) job finishes
       2) job gets marked as "ready to report"
       3) scheduler RPC is initiated
       Hopefully this won't have an unintended side-effect
  • client: tweak policy for device busy time. Should eliminate some spurious "job won't complete by deadline" msgs
  • client and scheduler RPC: add optional <cpu_backoff>, <cuda_backoff>, and <ati_backoff> elements to scheduler reply. These specify backoffs for the resource types, overriding the existing backoff mechanism. Projects can supply these if they don't have apps of a particular type and don't want to get periodic requests for them
  • client: cap project-supplied backoffs at 28 days
  • client: anal-retentive alphabetization