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  • client: keep track of daily history of network transfers
  • client: add preference for limiting network xfers in last N days (no GUI yet)
  • client: Add get_network_usage_totals() function to the Macintosh client to report the number of bytes sent and received across all non-loopback interfaces. Note: this code may also work on onther UNIX-like systems in addition to Macintosh
  • client: fix bug with NVIDIA GPUs. Some of them allow only 1 CUDA context at a time. You need to create a CUDA context to get available VRAM. So the client would run a CUDA job, then immediately kill it. Solution:
    • If a GPU app is running, let it keep running regardless of available VRAM (if it's still running, it has enough VRAM).
    • But don't start new apps if there's not enough available VRAM, or it the amount is unknown (if the client can't create a CUDA context, the app won't be able to either)
  • client: if <coproc_debug> is set, print available GPU RAM periodically