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  • WIN: Add some missing CPU features to the feature list
  • WIN: Make sure the Brand string for a CPU is printable. Older Intel processors have some control characters.
  • MGR: Save and restore height and width of Properties dialog; fix comments.
  • MGR: Implement lost features from old messages display in Event Log: filtering by project (show only this project), dimming Event Log display when disconnected; alternating gray and white background stripes for readability
  • client: Add SEH handlers around the Nvidia and ATI detection routines. Take care of situations where something within the vendors functions cause a crash
  • scheduler: add plan class "cuda_fermi": requires CUDA 2.3 and compute capability 2.0+
  • client: if suspend a file xfer, set upload_offset to -1; that way it will query server for file length when it resumes, rather than uploading from the beginning
  • client: back out SEH handling for GPU detection
  • client: if have coproc jobs but coproc is missing, skip those jobs in RR sim. Otherwise we add stuff to uninitialized data structures, and a crash can result.
  • client: initialize the above data structures anyway
  • client: fix bug that interfered with work fetch for particular resources in anonymous platform case

  • New: Updated localization files
  • New: Added accessibility support for advanced view (Mac)
  • New: Added support for parsing username and password information from environment variables
  • New: Added ability to ignore specific GPU cards through the use of ignore device through the use of a configuration file option
  • New: Added ability to suspend BOINC's use of GPUs when certain applications are run through the use of a configuration file option
  • New: Allow new screen saver options to be configured via the OS specific configuration screen
  • New: Snooze GPU option off of the system tray menu
  • New: Adjust GPU activity settings via the advanced view activity menu
  • New: Added ability for a project to be specified as a "Backup Project" by setting its resource share to 0
  • New: Suspend computation of BOINC applications if CPU usage from non-BOINC applications exceeds a volunteer defined value (Defaults to 25%)
  • New: Support detecting SSE2, SSE3, and other forms of advanced instruction sets for older Windows machines (Windows)
  • Fix: Numerous CPU/GPU scheduling fixes
  • Fix: Numerous work-fetch fixes
  • Fix: Mac Installer for non-admin installs
  • Fix: Recover from crashes in Nvidia and ATI GPU functions (Linux, Mac)
  • Fix: Reap child processes spawned from a wrapper on POSIX systems (Linix, Mac)
  • Fix: If a project supports ATI or Nvidia projects, display their icons in the project list
  • Fix: Show most commonly used preferences in use during startup via messages.