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  • WINSCR: cleanup configuration dialog text.
  • Mac SS: change configuration dialog text to match new Windows wording.
  • Mac installer: If installing an acct_mgr_url.xml file, don't install it directly into the BOINC Data directory. Instead, put it into the installer's resources and have the postinstall or postupgrade script copy it to the BOINC Data directory. This fixes a problem which would happen if the user later ran the standard BOINC installer without an acct_mgr_url.xml file: the Apple installer would then delete the file, causing BOINC to detach from the account manager.
  • Mac Installer: add .txt extension to copyright files in GUI installer extras.
  • Mac Installer: Fix receipt name for GridRepublic installer so we can remove it.
  • graphics API: if font missing, find one that isn't (from Kevin)
  • client: if GPU get available RAM fails, don't use the GPU
  • client: detect CPU information via the cpuid instruction instead of the registry. This change is only for Windows but I haven't tested this with GCC.
  • client: undo [17160]. <ncpus>0</ncpus> in cc_config.xml no longer means simulate zero CPUs. There are several places that divide by ncpus. Zero CPUs doesn't make any sense anyway.
  • client: some more CPU detection cleanup.
  • client: if a project is anonymous platform and it has no app versions that use a resource, don't request work from it for that resource.
  • client: include CPU usage of client in BOINC total. Also include manager if its name includes "boinc" (can't figure out another way)
  • manager: first whack at "suspend if CPU load exceeds x" in dialog
  • screensaver: fix bug where sometimes no tasks are shown; change font sizes for max of 2 sizes at a time
  • client: don't accumulate LTD for projects w/ suspended jobs
  • API: in txfRenderString, replace non-ASCII chars with ?. Otherwise it calls abort()!
  • client: fix bug in "suspend if CPU load too high" feature. Forgot to convert between fraction and percentage