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  • client: tiny code shuffle
  • API: fix crashing bug. Don't memset(0) APP_INIT_DATA; it contains HOST_INFO, which now contains COPROCS, which has a vector. Define a clear() for APP_INIT_DATA.
  • client: initial checkin for "don't compute if CPU usage above X"
  • client: finish the above. Should add the Adv Prefs dialog as well.
  • lib: Don't allow the diagnostics threads to be suspended, if a crash happens within the remaining thread the process will deadlock.
  • client simulator: further fiddling around. Not done.
  • client simulator: done for now
  • client: brute-force attempt at eliminating domino-effect preemption: if job A is unstarted and EDF, and there's a job B that is later in the list, is started, has the same app version, and has the same arrival time, move A after B.
  • client: remove the "temp_dcf" mechanism, which had the same goal but didn't work.
  • client: in computing overall debt for a project, subtract a term that reflects pending work. This should reduce repeated fetches from the same project.
  • client simulator: tweaks
  • client bug fixes
  • client: when launching app, delete init_data.xml using switcher prior to trying to write it, in case it's owned by another user (e.g., boinc_project)
  • client: fix small bug that could interfere with work fetch on hosts with both NVIDIA and ATI GPU
  • client: fix work fetch bug that prevented getting work from an overworked project, even if idle instance or major shortfall.
  • client: remove debug msgs
  • client: if a project has zero resource share, treat it as a "backup project": fetch work from it only if there is an idle instance and no other projects have work.
  • client: fix my last checkin
  • client: allow zero resource share