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  • reverted changes to PROXY_INFO which broke various things.
  • compile fixes
  • client: fix work fetch log message for ATI GPU.
  • fix typo
  • fixes to proxy autodetect
  • client: NVIDIA offers an API which tells you whether a GPU is running a graphics application. Change the semantics of the "don't use GPU while computer in use" pref to "don't use a GPU that's running a graphics app while computer is in use". This will increase GPU utilization on multi-GPU systems.
  • client: various bug fixes in job scheduling and work fetch for ATI. From Crunch3r.
  • client: if project is anonymous platform, set the overall work req to the max of the requests for different resource types. Otherwise projects with old schedulers won't send us work.
  • client: autoproxy detection should happen at startup too.
  • client: when autoproxy detection is in progress don't attempt to use old values.
  • client: user defined proxies should take presidence over automatically detected ones.
  • lib: Re-implement the assignment operator for proxy_info, http_curl.cpp uses it to clone the proxy information for each http op. See set_proxy();
  • client:
    • remove HTTP_OP::pi; just use gstate.proxy_info
    • remove HTTP_OP::set_proxy()
    • remove PROXY_INFO::operator=; struct assignment works
  • client: Use HTTP_OP::pi to avoid a crash when using a proxy. libcurl uses the proxy information after the PROXY_INFO struct in setup_proxy_session() had been popped off the stack.