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  • Fix DLLs with missing file version resources
  • MGR: In Simple View, Mac screen reader tells user to switch to Advanced View
  • MGR: Implement Mac accessibility for Statistics and Disk tabs
  • Mac Sandbox: attempt to fix bug where Manager reports that admin user is not authorized to run BOINC
  • MGR: Don't localize keyboard shortcut for Close Window
  • MGR: Tweaks to Mac accessibility
  • Mac Installer: Check for our users and groups having IDs which conflict with other users and groups on the system
  • MGR: Switch back to tooltips for descriptions.
  • client: show more general prefs on startup
  • manager: show status for jobs aborted because not started by deadline
  • client: use [wfd] consistently
  • client: add <cpu_sched_status> log flag. This tells you what's running, not why.
  • client: add <std_debug> log flag; changes in STD The above are to let you log just stuff relevant to debt. Right now I'm not sure why we need STD at all.