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  • client: add coprocessor support: i.e., parse the list of coprocs in <app_version>s from the server, keep track of the number free of each type of coproc, and don't run an app that needs more than are available. (not quite working yet)
  • client: Per Carl's recommendation add CURLOPT_POST301 to the list of curl options used so that the followups to redirects still post instead of get.
  • client: finish and debug coprocessor support
  • manager and GUI RPC: show plan class in app version string
  • client (Unix): don't follow symbolic links when computing directory size. This will avoid counting the size of executables and input files in slot directories.
  • Build fixes for non-Win32, non-Linux, non-MacOS systems.
  • configure script:
  • Added checks for functions strdup(), strdupa(),daemon(), stat64(), strcasestr()
  • Fixed problems with kc_mysql.m4 and wxWidgets.m4 returning invalid CFLAGS and LIBS flags.
  • Fixed incorrect order of pthread flag checking on solaris.
  • New files: lib/unix_util.[Ch]. Currently contains implementation of daemon() for systems that lack it.
  • Access to binary files in /proc was failing on some systems when compiled with 64 bit file access. Rearranged headers and defines to force 32bit file access in hostinfo_unix.C
  • all_tty_idle() didn't work as advertised on any system as far as I can tell. I rewrote it to check ttys that are not named /dev/tty[1-9]. The old implementation was modifying a statically allocated read-only string, anyway.
  • added implementation of non-standard function strcasestr() to str_util.C
  • added #define of MAP_FILE to shmem.C, because it is missing from most unix systems, (and is unnecessary on linux anyway).
  • other minor bug fixes.
  • Graphics API: Add boinc_close_window_and_quit() API to UNIX / Mac lib.
  • Mac: Fix compiler warning.
  • Mac: Remove -fvisibility* compiler flags from BOINC library builds and boinc_cmd build.
  • Client/server protocol: send <client_cap_plan_class/> if client understands app version plan class. The server checks for this instead of version > 6.11.(suggested by Nicolas Alvarez)
  • clean up unix_util: .h files declare only (extern) interfaces; no reason for daemon() to be C
  • compile fixes for gcc 4.x; fixes #592
  • scheduler: bug fix for case when app version XML is > 64KB
  • server: when creating log dir, we were using wrong bit for sticky flag
  • WINSETUP: Make sure the executable permissions are setup correctly after the binaries are installed.
  • WINSETUP: Inform MSI that a reboot is suggested after creation of 'boinc_master', 'boinc_project', 'boinc_admins', 'boinc_users','boinc_projects'.
  • WINSETUP: Reread the INSTALLDIR property from the registry to determine if their is data to migrate. INSTALLDIR is changed to whereever the user wants to install BOINC now, whihc may be different then where it was in 5.10.
  • WINSETUP: If the user is running on Win2k but hasn't upgraded to SP4, inform them of the new requirement.
  • API: change boinc_resolve_filename() so that it detects symbolic links and treats them as a special case. Also, if the virtual file doesn't exist (as in the standalone case) just return zero; otherwise if the app is running standalone and checks the return value, it will error out. NOTE: apps that check the return value of boinc_resolve_filename() won't work on 6.12+ under Unix; recompiling with this change will fix the problem. Mac: Update build documentation, move building project applications build instructions to a separate document (wiki page)Mac: Fix bugs in new backtrace code.
  • Added init.d script (boinc-client.in) and Makefile.am to install it.
  • I got this from the Fedora package. I have modified it to create the run directory if it does not exist, and to not run boinc as root. Checking for running processes needs to be improved.
  • boinc-client.in is still very linux centric and probably won't work on non-linux systems or under Bourne shell without significant changes.
  • WINSETUP: Fix the bug during uninstall where the data files were not being migrated back to the executable directory.
  • fixes for gcc 4.3

GUI: Disable Show Graphics button if any selected task is suspended for any reason. Mac: Fix new backtrace code for x86_64 Client and project applications.

  • client: send client_cap_plan_class as <x>1</x> rather than <x/> in scheduler request; the latter breaks older schedulers.
  • old parse code: make skip_unexpected() work with <x/>